FUT Technique

Practice of Hair transplantation started in 1800, and Japanese doctors became very successful in the 1930’s. Small and thick patches of hair were used to construct hair, eyebrows and beards. In 1950, Norman Orentreich, considered to be the father of modern hair transplantation, used 6-8-12 mm. hair punch techniques for men’s type hair loss. In 1980 the diameter went down to 4 mm a punch and every punch had 2-4 hair follicles each. The Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) technique is taking a 1-2 cm. to 15-20 cm strips according to need, from the nape of the neck. After the grafts were taken the lesions were closed by pulling the skin together. The strips of grafts left permanent scars of 2-3 mm. on the nape of the neck. If the lesions were not aligned or if they opened, scars of patches from 5-10 mm. were seen. The grafts taken are taken large and later made into units to be placed as grafts. Each individual unit is close to the other and surrounded by a group of hair that is nourished by fat tissue. Each graft has 1-4 hair follicles in it. The grafts (units) which have fewer hair follicles are transplanted in the front, the grafts with more hair follicles are transplanted further back.