Post Hair Transplantation

Medications given to the patients of hair transplantation in the first hours, due to the influence of numbing and swelling effects won’t feel sensations very well in the next following few days. If any of our organs don’t have sense receptors, that organ can’t protect itself from external stimulates. Especially patients with Diabetics, since they don’t have normal sensations they may get feet injuries and sores because they can’t feel the pain and pressure exposed in their shoes. Some patients since they won’t defend themselves may get injuries on their arms or legs and not notice. Patients must protect area of transplantation very good  for 3-5 days after the implantation operation. After grafting, small bandages and prescription medications are used. The first washing will be explained and demonstrated by the specialist on the 3rd day. In the following few days, daily washing must be done as demonstrated. The scabs on the hair grafts may start to fall off immediately. Some implanted hair grafts may fall out in 2-3 weeks. Only after the third month does the hair follicles start to grow. Sometimes because the hair cannot penetrate through the skin, pimple like bumps can occur. Hair growth will be seen after the bumps, hair growth will take up to 8 months. Total hair growth evident in about 1 year.