Laser Epilation

Laser Epilation

With our newest and latest epilation system, it is possible to laser during all four seasons of the year.

Soprano is a comfortable epilation system, which takes away the pain and is our latest diod laser system. Patented ironing epilation technology is also allowed to be used during all four seasons of the year.

Soprano diod laser shoots 10 serialized shots in approximately a second, which leads it to be a painless and reliable epilation. It also has a specialty, which is “continue shoot” which feels like the location being lasered is being massaged, which takes away the fear of epilation. On the cap of the laser, there is Dual chill Contact Cooling (coolant), which is one of a kind, yet always imitated which is another reason why the treatment precedes both indolently and smoothly.

FDA Certificate is available.

Is epilation treatment available for men?

The thought of men becoming too hairy is a big problem. When hair on the face, chest, back, underarms, hands, legs, feet, and groin are increased, men can refrain from entering society and this may also cause problems in their sexual life. For this reason, men may frequently feel that they need to get away from these hairs. The number of men who come to the high quality epilation laser increases without a doubt.